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Armenian society of biological psychiatry
Armenian association for molecular
and cellular biology and immunology
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The Genomic Research Center/Sequencing Center was established in 2014 and is intended to support genomics research in the Institute as well as external organizations. GRC/SC is equipped with Applied Biosystems (ABI) 3130 Genetic analyzer for capillary electrophoresis of cycle sequencing runs.


  • De novo sequencing;
  • Targeted DNA sequencing;
  • Next-generation sequencing validation;
  • HLA sequencing;
  • Microbial sequencing;
  • Mitochondrial sequencing.

R&D Areas:

  • Cancer research;
  • Genetic disease research;
  • Agriculture biology research;
  • Pathogen detection and analysis;
  • Human identification;
  • HLA typing;
  • Food testing;
  • Epigenetic analysis.

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