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Armenian society of biological psychiatry
Armenian association for molecular
and cellular biology and immunology
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Kristine Margaryan, PhD

E-mail: q_margaryan@mb.sci.am

Phone: +374 10 281-702

Group members:

  1. Anna Nebish, PhD
  2. Gayane Melyan, PhD
  3. Donara Khanoyan
  4. Rita Avetisyan
  5. Vahagn Hovsepyan
  6. Lilit Danielyan

General information:

The research activities of the Group of plant genetics and immunology are focused on plant molecular genetics, including general genotyping, investigation and detection of the tolerant genes against fungal diseases, abiotic stresses, and comparative analysis of molecular traits with their phenotypic-physiological and morphometric determinants.

Current research projects:


Genotyping for estimation of genetic diversity of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) local and introduced cultivars by SSR markers.

Investigation of salinity tolerance

Molecular investigation of salinity tolerance in potato by RAPD markers with identification and selection of the most tolerant cultivars characterized by related specific allele sizes.

Physiological and morphometric characterization

Physiological and morphometric characterization of valuable traits of investigated potato cultivars for important strategy to increase crop productivity.

Study of the effect of growth regulators

Study of the effect of growth regulators on the productivity of improved potato and disease resistance.