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Vitya Vardanyan, PhD

E-mail: v_vardanyan@mb.sci.am

Phone: +374 98 070-176

Group members:

  1. Astghik Abrahamyan
  2. Tatev Karapetyan
  3. Liana Mkrtchyan

General information:

Investigations in our research group are focused on uncovering the molecular mechanism underlying the pathological events leading to human diseases due to impaired function of ion channels. A large number of human diseases are caused by the dysfunction of ion channels due to mutations occurring inheritably or due to impaired interaction/ modulation of channel.
To understand the molecular mechanisms that lead to the dysfunction of channels, a fundamental knowledge about their structure, function and physiological role they plays in particular cells is required.
Research in our laboratory is focused on understanding the structure-functional correlation and physiological role of voltage-gated Kv potassium channels. We utilize basic molecular biological (site-directed mutagenesis, RT-PCR), immuneohistocemical and electrophysiological (two electrode voltage clamp, patch-clamp) technique.

Current research projects:

Investigation of macroscopic inactivation mechanism in voltage-gated KCNQ potassium channel.

Intrinsic properties of potassium channel pore and it role in voltage-dependent gating process.

Investigation of KCNQ1 potassium channel regulation by intracellular Ca2+ ions.

Physiological significance of KCNQ1 channel in insulin secretion process of pancreatic beta cell.

Selected Publications:

>> Full publications list of IMB
  1. Vardanyan V, Pongs O. 2012. Coupling of Voltage-Sensors to the Channel Pore: A Comparative View. Front Pharmacol 3:145
  2. Heidenreich M, Lechner SG, Vardanyan V, Wetzel C, Cremers CW, De Leenheer EM, Aranguez G, Moreno-Pelayo M. Jentsch T. Lewin R. 2012. KCNQ4 K(+) channels tune mechanoreceptors for normal touch sensation in mouse and man. Nat Neurosci 15:138-45.
  3. Ma LJ, Ohmert I, Vardanyan V. 2011. Allosteric features of KCNQ1 gating revealed by alanine scanning mutagenesis. Biophys J 100:885-94
  4. Ader C, Schneider R, Hornig S, Velisetty P, Vardanyan V, Giller K, Ohmert I, Becker S, Pongs O, Baldus M. 2009. Coupling of activation and inactivation gate in a K+-channel: potassium and ligand sensitivity. EMBO J 28:2825-34