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Laura Hovsepyan, PhD

E-mail: lhovsep@mail.ru

Phone: +374 10 243-609

Laboratory members:

  1. Gayane Ghazaryan, PhD
  2. Hasmik Zanginyan, PhD

General information:

The main activity of the Laboratory of Molecular membranology focused on study the molecular mechanisms of oxidative stress and the search substances have antioxidant properties to protect against free radical damage to proteins and lipids of cell membranes.Our research concerns the study of glycolipid metabolism and products of their hydrolytic decomposition-ceramide and sphingosine in the relationship with the generation of reactive oxygen species in pathological conditions of the body (brain swelling, aging, echinococcosis), which lead to the development of apoptosis in the cell.The objects of research are different categories of lipids (phospholipids, gangliosides, sphingolipids), lipid peroxidation and protein, the generation of nitric oxide.

Current research projects:

The ageing problems attract much attention in molecular and cell biology. Aging is associated with impaired oxidative processes (peroxidation of proteins and lipids) leading to the damage the function of cell membrane lipids, as well as to changes in the immune system. Understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying the aging processes may provide the best strategy addressed to the problems associated with aging. The purpose of this research will be finding substances possessing the geroprotective activity and to study their influence on metabolic processes in the cell.

Selected Publications:

>> Full publications list of IMB
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