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Jean I. Akopian, DrSc, Professor,
Corr. member of NAS RA

E-mail: jeanakopian@gmail.com

Phone(off): +374 10 228-015

Phone(cell): +374 91 422-668

Laboratory members:

  1. Lyudmila Nersesova, PhD
  2. Zoya Mkrtchyan, PhD
  3. Marina Gazaryants, PhD
  4. Lina Poghosyan, PhD
  5. Mariam Petrosyan
  6. Narek Adamyan
  7. Seda Gasparyan

General information:

The laboratory studies physical-chemical and catalytic properties of enzymes and the molecular mechanisms of regulation of their activity. The separation of enzyme's subunits was achieved by the method of affine modification on the homogeneous preparations of creatine kinase (CK) from rabbit muscle and their functional non-identity was shown, also amino acid residues of the enzyme's active center, that are responsible for catalysis were identified. The activating and inhibitory effects of organic compounds of molybdenum and tungsten, as well as various phospholipid compounds were shown on highly purified preparations of CK from human myocardium. Based on the similarity of complex compounds and components of the lipid membranes it was concluded on the possibility of sensing enzyme sites designed to interact with the surface of membranes (with their help). The structure and organization of repeats adjacent to the gene of bovine growth hormone were studied. The transcription process has asymmetrical nature. The plasmid spectrum of spore-forming bacillus was studied. First, the nuclease S1, which is absolutely specific to the single-stranded segments of the nucleic acids, was isolated and purified to homogeneous condition.
For the first time the laboratory isolated new purine nucleoside phosphorylase (PNP) II from E.coli K-12 and PNP from the kidney, spleen, and embryos of rabbit, also from the healthy and tumour tissues of human lung and kidney that were homogenized until homogen condition via affinity chromatography and their physical-chemical and catalytic properties were being studied. The screening of a number several tens of purine nucleosides derivatives was carried out to obtain strong specific enzyme inhibitors for creating immunodeficient conditions, if necessary. Several compounds of acyclic guanosine derivatives were discovered that effectively inhibit the enzyme from tumor tissue. Proved to be that PNP, and BB and MM isoenzymes of CK are biomarkers of organo-toxic action of 1.3 diazaadamantan with antitumor activity. Great work has been done for the study of the impact of environmentally adverse factors on enzyme systems. In particular, the activity levels of CK, PNP, and aspartate and alanine aminotransferases (AST, ALT) were defined in the blood serum of the workers from the chloroprene workshop of the "Nairit" factory and from the foil workshop of the "Kanaz'' factory, also the influence of ukrinol on the vitality of some organs (liver, brain, heart) was studied on experimental animals. The next important step of the laboratory's work became the elaboration of a new drug "Immunomodulator" that is high-efficient immunostimulant non-specific drug based on Ca-modified double-stranded RNA, which is intended for the prophylaxy of a number of viral diseases of farm animals. The drug is hallmarked in the Ministry of Agriculture. The permission for its production has been received. The drug is patented and has a copyright certificate and certificates of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Current research projects:

«Technology Pilot production of the antiviral drug, immunomodulator.»

Currently, work is underway to study the effect of the mechanisms of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation on the activity of some enzymes (CK, PNP, ALT, AST, ALP). New natural protectors are being searched.

Selected Publications:

>> Full publications list of IMB
  1. Саркисян Х.В., Газарянц М.Г., Маркосян Т.А., Мкртчян З.С., Погосян Л.Г., Рухикян Л.А., Акопян Ж.И. Са-модифицированная двуспиральная РНК в качестве превентивного средства при заболевании ящуром. Ветеринарная патология, N 1 (51), 19-23, 2015.
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  6. Lavrik O.I., Nevinsky G.A., Akopian J.I. Structure and function analysis of creatine kinase active sites obtained from rabbit skeletal muscles by affinity modification. Harwood Academic Publishers, New York, 1989.

Patents received:

  1. Patent N 1906 A2, Vaccine against foot-and-mouth disease, 15.03.2007
  2. Patent N 2213 A, Inductor of interferon, 01.09.2008
  3. Patent N 2393 A, Applying of inductor of interferon as a prophylactic remedy against domestic birds' Newcastle disease, 26.07.2010
  4. Certificate N 1367197, Method for preventing foot and mouth disease in pigs, 15.09.1987, registered in the State Register of inventions of the USSR
  5. Registration certificate of veterinary medicine N 00040, Immunostimulatory antiviral preparation "Immunomodulator" for prevention of birds' acute infectious diseases, 07.04. 2014
  6. Registration certificate of veterinary medicine N 00057, Immunostimulatory antiviral preparation "Immunomodulator" for prevention of pigs' acute infectious diseases, 02.07.2014
  7. Registration certificate of veterinary medicine N 00067, Immunostimulatory antiviral preparation "Immunomodulator" for prevention of cattles' acute infectious diseases, 11.12.2014