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Meeting of the winners of ANSEF 2012 grants with ANSEF officials,
FAR office, Yerevan 2012

The participants of ISTC A#1764 grant,
IMB, Yerevan, 2010

The winner of NFSAT/CRDF/SCS PhD-students Grant at awarding ceremony,
NFSAT office, Yerevan, 2012

The winners of CRDF STEP business Partnership Grant at awarding ceremony,
ARMENIA hotel, Yerevan, 2012

The winners of SCS Young Scientist Grant with the president of NAS RA,
president of DGF and the head of SCS.
SCS conference hall, Yerevan, 2010

The Projects listed below are supported by grants implemented by IMB researchers beginning from 2000.


Projects supported by the State Committee of Science of the Republic of Armenia

  1. #16GE-040 (2017-2019) Joint grant with BMBF (Germany) «The effect of new radioprotective copper compounds as anticancer agents», PI Dr Gohar Tsakanova
  2. #15T‐1F150 (2015-) «Assessment of the impact of genomic and epigenetic alterations on gene expression and biological pathway activation in cancers», PI Dr Arsen Arakelyan
  3. #15T‐1F213 (2015-) «Immunomodulatory role of stress and sex hormones in autoinflammation and autoimmunity», PI Dr Gayane Manukyan
  4. #15T‐1F213 (2015-) « Development of molecular epidemiological map of Salmonella in Armenia for best prevention and intervention strategies», PI Dr Janna Ktsoyan
  5. #15RF-081 (2015-2017) «Inhibition of African swine fever virus using water soluble analogues of antiviral nucleosides perylene», PI Dr Zaven Karalyan
  6. #1-18/NC (2014-2016) «The origins and problems of national identify of Turkic speaking ethnic groups living in Iran», Project manager Dr Arsen Arakelyan, Scientific supervisor Prof Levon Yepiskoposyan
  7. #14A-1f74 (2014-2015) «Genetic mutations of transcription factors in ischemic stroke», PI Karine Tadevosyan, PhD student
  8. #13YR-1F0022 (2013-2015) «Analysis of biomolecular pathways involved in complex human diseases», PI Dr Arsen Arakelyan
  9. #13YR-1F0028 (2013-2015) «Complement lectin pathway regulators in human schizophrenia and ischemic stroke», PI Dr Aren Khoyetsyan
  10. #13YR-1F0057 (2013-2015) «Cytokine production by monocytes subpopulations in response to various TLRs ligands», PI Dr David Poghosyan
  11. #13Ap_4d013 (2013-2015) «Pilot production technology of immune stimulating antiviral preparation», PI Prof Jean Akopian
  12. #13AA-001(2013-2015) «Functional state of the complement factors B, H and I in posttraumatic stress disorder», PI Manush Petrosyan, Scientific adviser Dr Violetta Ayvazyan
  13. #13-1F126 (2013-2015) «Study of synaptic plasticity regulating transcription factors in schizophrenia», PI Prof Anna Boyajyan
  14. #13-1F291 (2013-2015) «Schizophrenia susceptibility genes in the major histocompatibility complex of human genome», PI Dr Karine Mayilyan
  15. #13-1F322 (2013-2015) «Investigation of intrinsic properties of potassium channel pore and their rate in voltage-gating process», PI Dr Vitya Vardanyan
  16. #13-1F360 (2013-2015) «Molecular mechanisms of neutrophil activation in the presence of endogenous signals in autoimmune and autoinflammatory conditions», PI Dr Gayane Manukyan
  17. #13A-1f51 (2012-2013) «Influence of cyclic amino acid derivatives on the major enzymes of the native antioxidant scavenger system:from in vitro study to clinical application», PI Tigran Hovsepyan, PhD student
  18. #11-1f151 (2011-2013) «Complexin-2 and annexin-a5 as potential biomarkers of cognitive dysfunction in psychiatric disorders: genetic polymorphisms, expression levels», PI Prof Anna Boyajyan ,
  19. #11-1f358 (2011-2013) «Development of alternative in vitro toxicology in Armenia to assess of safety and test biological activities of compounds», PI Dr Gennadi Gasparyan
  20. #11-1f494 (2011-2013) «The role of intestinal homeostasis in prediction of Salmonella infection and carriage», PI Dr Zhanna Ktsoyan
  21. #11aa-003 (2011-2013) «Study of molecular pathomechanisms of posttraumatic stress disorder in Nagorno Karabakh population», PI Dr Violetta Ayvazyan
  22. #11B-1f014 (2011-2013) «In silico structure-function characterization of Familial Mediterranean fever gene product (pyrin): insights into disease pathogenesis», PI Dr Arsen Arakelyan
  23. #11B-1f026 (2011-2013) « The effect of cryoglobulins on mononuclear cells under ischemic stroke», PI Dr Meri Hovsepyan
  24. #11B-1f043 (2011-2013) «Alternative activation and functional plasticity of peripheral blood monocytes in rheumatoid arthritis», PI Dr David Poghosyan
  25. #11A-1f027 (2011-2012) «Cytokines and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in pathogenesis of posttraumatic stress disorder», PI Lilit Hovhannisyan, PhD student
  26. #11A-1f029 (2011-2012) «Adaptive mechanisms in acute ischemic stroke», PI Gohar Tsakanova, PhD student
  27. #93/41294-11 (2011) «Study of ancient DNA in Azokh caves excavation findings», PI Prof Levon Yepiskoposyan
  28. #0423 (2008-2010) «Computer simulation study of interaction between colchicine and cytoskeleton proteins», PI Dr Karen Nazaryan
  29. #0426 (2008-2010) «Development of in vitro cellular systems for cyto- and genotoxicity testing: implication for screening of new chemical compounds and potential drugs in Armenia», PI Dr Gennadi Gasparyan
  30. #0427 (2008-2010) «Mechanisms of systemic immune response in pathologic conditions associated with antiphospholipid syndrome», PI Dr Karine Ghazaryan
  31. #0429 (2008-2010) «The role of protozoa in the ecology of picornaviruses», PI Dr Zaven Karalyan
  32. #0430 (2008-2010) «Study of oxidative processes and glycollipid metabolism in animal model of Parkinson disease», PI Dr Laura Hovsepyan
  33. #0431 (2008-2010) «Lymphocyte-associated lipid modification and signal transduction mechanisms in breast cancer», PI Prof Yuri Tadevosyan
  34. #0432 (2008-2010) «Molecular pathomechanisms of bacterial dysbiosis in humans», PI Dr Zhanna Ktsoyan
  35. #0433 (2008-2010) «The influence of ionized radiation on some enzyme systems and assessment of the efficiency of new potential radioprotectors, PI Prof Jean Akopian
  36. #0434 (2008-2010) «Identification of molecular composition of non-cultivated microorganisms from different ecological populations», PI Dr Karlen Hovnanyan
  37. #0436 (2008-2010) «The role of immune system alterations and aberrant apoptosis in pathogenesis of posttraumatic stress disorder», PI Prof Anna Boyajyan

Projects supported by the State Committee of Science of the Republic of Armenia jointly with the Russian Foundation for Basic Research

  1. #ՀՌ-09 (2013-2015) «Population genetic aspects of the distribution and variability of invasive species of blood-sucking Diptera and their role in shaping of the fauna of Armenia», PI Dr Karine Mayilyan

Projects supported by the Armenian National Science and Education Fund

  1. ANSEF Microbio-4724 (2017) «Development of phage therapy for targeted elimination of multidrug-resistant Salmonella circulating in Armenia», Mkhitar Mkrtchyan
  2. ANSEF Hubio-4562 (2017) «Genetic structure of Armenian population based on mtDNA and genome-wide data»,
  3. ANSEF #4551 (2017) «The DNA damage response pathway alterations in human myeloid leukemia cells», Nelli Babayan
  4. ANSEF #4525 (2017) «Molecular mechanisms of apoptosis in post-traumatic stress disorder», Diana Avetyan
  5. ANSEF #4476 (2017) «Migration events driving abnormal influx of neutrophils in familial Mediterranean fever», Gayane Manukyan
  6. ANSEF Microbio-4469 (2017) «Antiviral activity of apigenin against African swine fever virus Arm07 strain», Astghik Hakobyan
  7. ANSEF Molbio-4334 (2016) «Characterization of mutations in BRCA1/2 genes associated with familial breast cancer in Armenian population», Andranik Chavushyan
  8. ANSEF Molbio-4057 (2016) «Investigation of expression and subunit composition of KCNQ1 potassium channels in pancreatic beta cells and impact of KCNQ1 modulation on insulin secretion», Vitya Vardanyan
  9. ANSEF Molbio-4040 (2016) «Novel blood-based lipid biomarker test for breast cancer screening», Gohar Hakobyan
  10. #NS molbio-3808 (2015-2016) «Pathway signal flow calculator», PI Lilit Nersisyan
  11. #NS molbio-3805 (2015) «Association of interleukin-1β gene polymorphisms with post-traumatic stress disorder», PI Lilit Hovhannisyan
  12. #NS biotech-3751 (2015) «A study of flavonoids as antiviral agents», PI Hovakim Zakaryan
  13. #NS molbio-3507 (2014) «Multiclass growing support set algorithm for analysis of high-throughput gene expression data», PI Dr Arsen Arakelyan
  14. #NS molbio-3628 (2014) «Study of common variants in the CDC42 and RND proteins (small GTPases) genes and its functional properties in schizophrenia», PI Dr Aren Khoetsyan
  15. #NS molbio-3409 (2014) «Investigations of the autoinflammatory mechanisms in familial Mediterranean fever using in vitro model of autologous and heterologous serum-mediated neutrophil activation», PI Dr Gayane Manukyan
  16. #NS molbio-3581 (2014) «Molecular characterization of genetic basis of multi-drug resistance in non-typhoidal Salmonella enterica strains isolated from patients in Armenia», PI Dr Anahit Sedrakyan
  17. #NS molbio-3199 (2013) «Monitoring food safety in Armenia: assessment of mycotoxins in cereals led», PI Dr Lusine Zhamharyan
  18. #NS molbio-3125 (2013) « Searching for schizophrenia biomarkers among the genes of synaptic proteins », PI Dr Roksana Zakharyan
  19. #NS-molbio-2829 (2012) «The role of low-grade inflammation in the pathogenesis of posttraumatic stress disorder», PI Dr Gohar Mkrtchyan
  20. #NS-molbio-2645 (2012) «The Genetic Diversity of the HLA Region in Schizophrenia: the load on the HLA components involved in brain development and lifespan functioning»,PI Dr Karine Mayilyan
  21. #NS-molbio-2535 (2011) «Identification of phenotypic determinants of thermotolerant cells in vitro», PI Dr Zaven Karalyan
  22. #NS-molbio-2319 (2011) «Growing support sets for pathway specific microarray gene expression analysis», PI Dr Arsen Arakelyan
  23. #NS-molbio-2532 (2011) «Comparative study of cytological and morphological characteristics of immune cells infected by African swine fever virus in vivo and in vitro», PI Hovakim Zaqaryan, PhD student
  24. #NS-molbio-1987 (2010) «Apoptotic pathway shifts during familial Mediterranean fever», PI Dr Gayane Manukyan
  25. #NS-molbio-1564 (2009) «Autoinflammatory processes in Familial Mediterranean Fever: pathomechanisms and treatment», PI Prof Anna Boyajyan
  26. #NS-molbio-87 (2008) «Cell response in minimally transformed and transformed cultures on the action of the replicated in cytoplasm RNA viruses», PI Dr Zaven Karalyan
  27. #NS-molbio-200 (2008) «Study of the involvement of immune response in the development of stroke», PI Prof Anna Boyajyan

Projects supported by the National Foundation of Science and Advanced Technologies jointly with CRDF, SCS, NAS RA and IMB

  1. #YSSP-13-44 (2013-2014) «The influence of humoral factors on functional activity of peripheral blood monocytes in rheumatoid arthritis», PI Dr Davit Poghosyan
  2. #YSSP-13-19 (2013-2014) «Complement lectin pathway genetics in human ischemic stroke», PI DrGohar Tsakanova
  3. #MEPS-12-03 (2012) «Research infrastructure supporting grant», PI Roksana Zakharyan, PhD student
  4. #ECSP-10-01-GRSP (2011-2012) «The effect of abnormal immune complexes on mononuclear cells under schizophrenia», PI Andranik Chavushyan, PhD student
  5. #ECSP-10-04-GRSP (2011-2012) «Molecular mechanisms of protein and DNA damage in acute ischemic stroke», PI Gohar Tsakanova, PhD student
  6. #ECSP-10-09-GRSP (2011-2012) «Interplay between neuroendocrine and immune systems during posttraumatic stress disorder», PI Lilit Hovhannisyan, PhD student
  7. #50910830 (2010) «Study of possible involvement of genetic polymorphisms of C-reactive protein and C1q component of the complement in pathogenesis of schizophrenia», PI Roksana Zakharyan, PhD student
  8. #ECSP-09-70 (2010) «Immunogenetics of schizophrenia: single nucleotide polymorphisms of immune response related genes», PI Roksana Zakharyan, PhD student
  9. #GRSP-23-07 (2006-2007) «C3 complement component: a prospective vital marker of schizophrenia-associated aberrant apoptosis», PI Aren Khoyetsyan, PhD student
  10. #GRSP-23-06 (2006-2007) «Study of the interplay between the inflammatory immune response and blood brain barrier dysfunction in human ischemic stroke progression», PI Levon Manukyan, PhD student

Projects supported by the Devout Generation Foundation

  1. (2009) «Study of pathomechanisms of ischemic stroke by application of cell cultures» - research infrastructure support, PI Prof. Anna Boyajyan
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Projects supported by the Volkswagen Foundation «Between Europe and the Orient-A Focus on Research and Higher Education in/on Central Asia and the Caucasus»

  1. #86659 (2013-2016) «Investigation of Modulation Mechanism of KCNQ1 Potassium Channels by Intracellular Calcium Ions», PI Dr Vitya Vardanyan

Projects supported by the European Commission under the EU’s Seventh Framework Program for Research - FP7

  1. #PIRSES-GA-201-319010 (2013-2017) «Multinational network of excellence for research on genetic predisposition to cardio-metabolic disorders due to UCP1 gene polymorphism», ARM coordinator Prof Levon Yepiskoposyan

Projects supported by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

  1. #(2013-2014) «Contemporary technologies for monitoring and preservation of fresh water», PI ProfAnna Boyajyan

Projects supported by the Federal Targeted Program of the Russian Federation!

  1. #2012-1.5-14-000-2021-003 (2013-2014) «Development of test systems based on molecular and genetic analysis of plant origin DNA for identification of food falsifications», project leader Prof Anna Boyajyan

Projects supported by the International Science and Technology Center

  1. #A-2140 (2016-2018) «Targeted elimination of multidrug-resistant (MDR) Salmonella by bacteriophages», PI: PhD Anahit Sedrakyan
  2. #A-2116 (2014-2016) «Schiff base cyclic amino acid derivatives for chemoprotection against damaging action of mycotoxins», Manager: PhD Margarita Malakyan, Scientific supervisor Prof. Anna Boyajyan
  3. #A-1962 (2012-2014) «Development of zinc oxide composites of antitumor drugs and antitumor compounds with high antitumor activity and low toxicity», Senior manager: Dr Flora Arsenyan
  4. #A-1764 (2010-2012) «Novel radiomodifying and antitumor agents: research and development of new radiomodifying and antitumor organometallic copper complexes», Scientific advisor: Prof Anna Boyajyan, sub-manager: Dr Lusine Zhamharyan
  5. #A-1662 (2009-2011) «Molecular genetic monitoring of blood-sucking flies as basis for biological control of vectors of dangerous infectious diseases and precautions against the acts of biological terrorism», Manager: MS Maria Harutyunova
  6. #CSP-42 (2007-2009) «Communication supporting project», Sub-manager: Prof Anna Boyajyan
  7. #A-1055 (2004-2007) «The role of intestinal microflora in the pathogenesis of Familial Mediterranean Fever», Manager: Dr Zhanna Ktsoyan
  8. #A-676 (2003-2006) «Pollution level estimation of water reservoirs in Armenia based on the analysis of zooplankton. Regional monitoring and management», Manager: Dr Eugenie Kachvoryan

Projects supported by the NATO Science for Peace and Security Program

  1. #PDD(CP)EAP.NIG 982575 (2009-2010) «NATO-MATRIX (Nonproliferation and Threat Reduction Cooperation)» sub-manager Prof Anna Boyajyan

Projects supported by the Royal Society UK

  1. (2003-2006) «Involvement of complement system in pathogenesis of stroke», PI Prof Anna Boyajyan
  2. (2005-2006) «The specifics of complement activation by lectin pathway in schizophrenia», PI Dr Karine Mayilyan

Projects supported by US Civilian Research and Development Foundation grants

  1. #98-11 CRDF-9070 (2012) «Express test-system for diagnostics of overtraining syndrome», PI Dr Arsen Arakelyan
  2. #AB1-2308-YE-02 (2002-2004) «Regulation of PKC-theta recruitment to the T cell immunological synapse and its activation by lipid second messengers», PI Prof Yuri Tadevosyan
  3. #ISI-B-02-02 (2002-2004) «Improving the reliability of diagnostic and prognostication criteria of diseased conditions, characterized by the development of autoimmune processes - research infrastructure support», PI Prof Anna Boyajyan
  4. #B1059-02-AB1-3206 (2002-2004) «Utility of Black Flies in Identifying Centers of Aquatic Diversity and Freshwater Impairment», PI Dr Eugenie Kachvoryan
  5. #AB1-2009 (2000-2002) «Biodiversity and Taxonomy of the Black Flies of Armenia and Karabagh», PI Dr Eugenie Kachvoryan
  6. (2005-2006) «The specifics of complement activation by lectin pathway in schizophrenia», PI Dr Karine Mayilyan

Projects supported by Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, US Department of State

  1. #68130188 (2013-2014) «How C4B deficiency sssociated with schizophrenia may affect brain development, mental and cognitive functions», PI Dr Karine Mayilyan
  2. #G68435345 (2011-2012) «Modulated neuroinflammation: from molecular pathomechanisms to clinical applications», PI Dr Aren Khoyetsyan
  3. #G68430184 (2007) «Inflammatory immune response and blood brain barrier dysfunction in human ischemic stroke progression», PI Prof Anna Boyajyan
  4. #G68430064 (2006-2007) «RP-C4-CYP21-TNX (RCCX) modular complement C4 genotypes in schizophrenia: the load of HLA III region RCCX genetic diversity within different ethnic and diseased vs. healthy groups», PI Dr Karine Mayilyan

Projects supported by the National Institute of Mental Health, USA

  1. #HHSN271200800661P/700340P (2007-2009) «RP-C4-CYP21-TNX modulars complement C4 genotypes in schizophrenia», PI Dr Karine Mayilyan

Projects supported by the International Visegrad Fund, EU

  1. #AM-51300184 (2013-2014) «Peculiarities of LPS-primed neutrophil activation in the presence of "danger signal" (ATP) in autoimmunity and autoinflammatory conditions», PI Anush Martirosyan, PhD student.
  2. #HG-51200594 (2012-2013) «Transcriptomics of complement proteins in schizophrenia: possible implication in disease-associated immune system alterations», PI Hovsep Ghazaryan, PhD student.
  3. #RZ-50910830 (2009-2010) «Study of C-reactive protein and complement component C1q genetic polymorphisms in schizophrenia», PI Roksana Zakharyan, PhD student

Projects supported by the DAAD, Germany

  1. #A-06/33038 (2010) «Population genomics study of immune alterations associated with human complex disease» - research infrastructure support, PI Prof Anna Boyajyan

Projects supported by the European Federation for Study of Diabetes

  1. (2010) «Obesity-induced diabetes type 2, the role of fatty acids in functional changes of pancreatic b-cells», PI Dr Meri Hovsepyan

Projects supported by the INTAS, EC

  1. #YSF 2002-0046 (2003-2004) «Chemokines upregulation in ischemic stroke», PI Arsen Arakelyan, PhD student
  2. #YSF 2001–0110 (2002-2003) «Circulating immune complexes and complement system in schizophrenia», PI Dr Karine Mayilyan
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