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Armenian society of biological psychiatry
Armenian association for molecular
and cellular biology and immunology
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General Information

An important activity of IMB is the participation in educational process and preparation of skilled and experienced researchers who will contribute to the development of knowledge-based economy in Armenia and worldwide. These activities are clearly stated in the Institute's statutes. The mission of IMB in the field of undergraduate and graduate education is to offer high-quality, goal-oriented degree programs capable of fulfilling the needs of prospective students as well as responding to demands the labor market worldwide.

Currently, IMB offers PhD programs in Molecular and Cellular Biology, as well as Genetics, Master’s degree program in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Diploma specialist program in Bioengineering and Bioinformatics. In addition, workshops, summer schools and seminars are regularly organized by IMB staff (see Conferences and schools).

Within the institute, strong research environments and mechanisms to enhance the quality of doctoral programs have been built and are maintained continuously. Moreover, the educational programs at IMB are the successful starting points for future career development in industry or academia.