council 042
Armenian society of biological psychiatry
Armenian association for molecular
and cellular biology and immunology
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Arsen Arakelyan, PhD

Phone: +(37410)-28-20-61
Email: aarakelyan@sci.am

Hakob Devejyan, PhD

Deputy director (logistics)
Phone: +(37410)-28-17-02
Email: h_devejyan@mb.sci.am

Gohar Tsakanova, PhD

Deputy Director (Scientific Affairs)
Phone: +(37410)-20-26-23
Email: g_tsakanova@mb.sci.am

Zara Khachatryan, PhD

Scientific secretary
Phone: +(37410)-28-17-02
Email: z_khachatryan@mb.sci.am

Tigran Kirakosyan

Chief accountant
Phone: +(37410)-28-26-22
Email: t_kirakosyan@mb.sci.am

Gohar Meliksetyan, PhD

Personnel operations officer
Phone: +(37410)-28-16-26
Email: g_meliksetyan@mb.sci.am